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Do you need to drown before brushing your teeth?

DATE:2016-11-26 09:41:17 FROM:

Guide: In daily life, although people brush their teeth every day, there are quite a few people who don't know how to brush their teeth. Therefore, learning to brush your teeth is very important to maintain your oral hygiene. Brushing is the main method to keep the mouth clean. It can eliminate soft white dirt, food fragments and some dental plaque in the mouth, and it can massage the gums, thus reducing the pathogenic factors in the oral environment and enhancing the disease resistance of the tissue. Brushing has an important role in preventing various oral diseases, especially for preventing and treating periodontal diseases and rickets.
Dry brush is easy to damage the gums
When most people brush their teeth, they habitually wet the toothbrush and then squeeze the toothpaste. And there are media reports, do not drown before brushing your teeth, then, do you want to drown before brushing your teeth?
Experts pointed out that the toothbrush should be soaked before brushing. Since the weather in the north is dry, if the toothbrush is not wetted beforehand, the bristles of the toothbrush become very hard and easily damage the gums. In addition, many people struggle to use a soft toothbrush or a hard toothbrush. The softness and hardness of the brush's bristles vary from person to person. For example, patients with periodontal disease need to choose a soft-bristled toothbrush, which is good for cleaning the periodontal band. People without periodontal disease can choose a toothbrush with a medium hardness and a small brush head. Toothbrushes are not recommended for too long, otherwise the bristles tend to accumulate bacteria, which is not good for oral health.
The toothbrush head should be placed upwards
There is also a view that since the toothbrush is often in a wet state and the pathogen is prone to breeding, two toothbrushes should be prepared and used alternately in the morning and evening.
Jin Ming believes that there is no need to insist on using a toothbrush in the morning and evening, because in the dry Beijing, the toothbrush will become dry after half a day after brushing. Therefore, using a toothbrush in the morning and evening can not reduce the bacteria. It is better to disinfect the toothbrush frequently. You can go to the pharmacy to buy 3% hydrogen peroxide and sterilize the toothbrush regularly.

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