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  Many new-introducing dealers will have such a question: "How about making disposable products for hotels now? Is there any development prospects?" This question has kept many investors who want to enter this industry from watching!

  If you ask if there is a market for hotel supplies? Explain that you have less contact with hotel supplies, and may not have used hotel supplies. Because friends who go to the hotel often have a clear understanding of the consumption of hotel supplies, they are constantly sighing, how can such a small thing be used so fast, and there is such a good packaging. In fact, people can feel that the amount of hotel supplies is very small, and it is really used up in one go. Sometimes I have to go to the evening to add one more, and the focus of room service is also on the replacement of hotel supplies for guests.
  Moreover, it has to be said that more and more humanized ingredients have been added to hotel supplies, which is the addition of condoms to hotel supplies. It may be that many people are a little uncomfortable when they start to contact. I wonder if hotel supplies are not toiletries, how can we be specific to such a privacy issue? But when you go out, many times the guests don't think so well, and investors have their own ideas. Therefore, it is natural to add condoms to hotel supplies. And this idea has been accepted by the public as people become more and more open. Some places have not considered this point and have been complained by consumers. Therefore, if you are investing in hotel and hotel supplies business, you must be flexible and give yourself The hotel supplies add more elements to it, and naturally have more chips. In the competition of peers, you can be more flexible and flexible.
  Last but not least, the current hotel and hotel supplies market is large, but the competition is fierce. If you look at the big hotel when you start, it is not wise. It is better to transfer the investment market of hotel supplies to a 2-star hotel and give yourself a starting space to help you develop slowly.

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