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From the quality of the room...

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People often say a word, the details determine success or failure. If you want to see the development and change of one thing, and the overall grasp of things, you must start with the details. Want to understand the changes in an industry, you can see the details of their products.

Take the changes in the hotel room supplies, I can see from the details of the towels. I remember that the towel at the time was not only very hard, but also the hair was still tied, and even the most important hygiene could not be done. Many customers would have used it to find that they had allergies or infections. However, with the rise of the standardization of the hotel industry, the quality of disposable products in hotel rooms is obviously different from the previous ones, and the towels are also obviously changed.
For example, the sanitary cleaning of towels must be disinfected with disinfectant, and then use high temperature technology for instant sterilization. In addition to disposable items in hotel rooms, many large bed items are also required to be disinfected. This has solved the customer's mistrust of hotel room supplies in the most fundamental way, so that guests stay here are more practical. Moreover, the softness of the towel has also been greatly improved. Because of the current hotel room supplies, all the fabrics are softeners, and the softness and comfort can be felt during use. It is always the ultimate goal for the guests to feel the warmth of their home, so that they can accumulate their repeat customers.
From this small change, it cannot be seen that hotel room supplies play a vital role in the impact of services. Many times, even if we try our best to serve our guests, if the quality of the hotel room supplies is generally not good, it will be half the effort. Therefore, the supplier of hotel room supplies should continue to work hard on the quality of the products to ensure the quality to ensure sales, this is a benign cycle. There should be enough tacit understanding between the hotel and the supplier so that everyone is fine.

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